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Image School of Dance
Image School of Dance
Spruce Grove | Stony Plain | St Albert

Spruce Grove
495 South Ave, #154
Spruce Grove, AB
T7X 3A8

(780) 960-0053
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Stony Plain
#102, 3802-49 Ave
Stony Plain, AB
T7X 2J7

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St Albert
2023 Tudor Glen
St Albert, AB
T8N 3V4

(780) 418-0535
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Registering for a Class on Website:

All Classes that have a higher fee that run for 8-10 weeks are SESSIONAL CLASSES. 
There are no extra costs for these programs and the fee is a one time charge.

Full & Half Year programs that have a cost of $59- $89 are a MONTHLY FEE and upon registering, the first and last month is due.
An additional ONE TIME registration charge will incur ( $25 for half year and $55 for full year). 
These performance programs also have an additional Costume and Recital fee as they will choreograph a routine and be part of our Year End Recital! 
This costume/ recital/ competition fee is due February 1st for January- June classes; October 15th for September- June classes. 
Approximate amount for Costume & Recital for a once/ week class is $195-$235, depending on age.
This is a ONE TIME fee and covers all remaining expenses beyond monthly tuition.

Visit our Spruce Grove, Stony Plain & St. Albert Pages for specific information on upcoming classes.