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St Albert
2023 Tudor Glen
St Albert, AB
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3rd Street Beat
Motives Dance
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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions1. Do the parents need to stay and watch?

It is recommended during the first few classes that you stay to ensure your dancer is comfortable and relaxed in our school. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to join a new group of people and while, our instructors are all super friendly, it is still best to have mom or dad there initially. Once your dancer has settled into their program, you are very welcome to leave. Please be sure to arrive 5 minutes before class ends to meet your dancer in the waiting room.


2. Can parents enter the studio to watch?

For most of our classes, we offer viewing windows or an open door for parents to enjoy. At the teachers' discretion, the door may close. If you would like to discuss watching your dancer, please contact our Director -

While these windows are not distracting, having parents in the room sometimes is.  We ask that you respect this policy. Quite often, our youngest dancers will want their mom or dad to walk them in and stay. This is fine during the first few classes. It is important to break that habit as early as you can by encouraging them to go in on their own. This way you can sit back, have a coffee and enjoy yourself.


3. What do I do if my dancer tries a class and doesn't like it?

During the first class, your dancer will be accepting the environment. The spacious studio, the new people etc.. It is very important that you give the process some time and allow them to settle in. Sometimes this can take up to a month. The more encouraging you are, the better it will be. Younger dancers especially need time to warm up to their surroundings and their instructor. It is recommended that if your child is having a hard time listening in class that you encourage them to come out for a moment in the waiting room to regroup and try again. Doing this explains to them that there are certain expectations within the classroom and encourages them to develop good listening skills.

If after at least 4 classes, you still feel that your dancer is not a good fit for the class, we encourage you to speak to our staff about other programs within the school.

When you register, you also sign a policy agreement that explains our refund policies. 


4. Can I register anytime?

Our programs often fill up quickly and we will accept dancers until our classes are full. New programs begin every few months so watch for those postings on our Facebook page as well as our website. It is beneficial to your dancer to begin close to the start of the program as they will gain more experience and work as a team with the class. We accept registrations until October 15th for full year classes. Online registration is available to allow 24/7 access to our programs.


5. What does my dancer need to wear to class?

When you register, you will receive a start up package. If you registered online and did not receive one, please be sure to let our front desk staff know. Within this package, you will find our list of attire. We also post this on our website for easy access. Supplies can be purchased at any local dance wear store and we enjoy working with Karries costumes in St Albert as they always provide superior service and quality of product.


6. Are there any extra costs I should know about?

We are always up front about costs and you can expect the regular monthly fee as well as an October 15th charge for costumes/recitals/festivals. Other than that, there are recital ticket charges at the end of the year, optional photo orders and entries into the festivals.

If you ever have any questions, please speak to our front desk staff. They are always very helpful.


7. Do I have to fundraise?

We offer 2-3 fundraisers per year that are often part of selling a product. (eg. cookie dough). You DO NOT have to take part. These are entirely optional. The way we do things is different than most. We provide a DIRECT PROFIT to your dancer’s account, rather than as a team. So that means if you make $75, that goes directly to you for the use of future fees, dance wear, etc.


8. How do I register?

You can register in person during regular hours or click here for our online system. This online system is 100% secure and you will receive an email confirmation after completion. Click here to REGISTER NOW!


"My girls had trial classes this summer and they fell in love.
The director was amazing and had great amount of patience.
I couldn't be more excited for this journey to begin with an amazing dance school!"

Mallory H. @ Spruce Grove location